ELECTRIC STOVE (Rent) or (Rent-to-Own)

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Rent to Own: $25.00
Rent: $30.00

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* Rent or 2 Yr. Rent-to-Own:

* Length Of Time- Adjusts Monthly Rate:

Rent-to-Own- New or Used:

* Color:

This product is available for rent or for the two year Rent-to-Own. Rentals are generally a lightly used product but are guaranteed to be a very nice appliance. You can always turn your rental into a 2 year Rent-to-Own at a later time too. Service is always free on rent or rent-to-own as long as it’s the product at fault. This item is off our sales/rental floor. (see picture).

NOTE: Right now we have a great deal on Whirlpool Electric Stoves. These are newer and unused and were getting so many of them that we are discounting our RTO price immensley. Please take advantage of it, you'll love the stove. They are self cleaning electrics in white and are almost right out of the box new. Rob Pearl- CEO

If you order online and request delivery you have the right to refuse it at the truck if you are not completely satisfied for a full refund.

Thank you very much!

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