Delivery Information On Rentals!

~~Delivery Information- We are required to deliver and install on rentals since we are responsible for service. We will only complete a delivery to a location that is ready for installation. For example; if there are no hot and cold hookups or no drain for a washer we will not complete the delivery. We will fully install and test the appliance before leaving if the conditions are normal. We do not recommend leaving the home immediately after receiving delivery especially if you just received a washer and have begun washing. We do not take responsibility for leaks or water damage per our contract paragraph #7. Due to our low rental rates that responsibility is left to the customer. We do monthly rentals and because of our low rates do not prorate rent. For example if you were delivered on the 10th of the month then your billing cycle would be the 10th to the 10th. If you returned the appliance on the 11th or after your billing cycle you would be charged for the full rent that is due for that month. Repair service is always free on rentals and we will either exchange the appliance as quickly as possible or send a service technician. Charges apply only if it is not the appliances fault. For multiple orders of same items on short term rentals the delivery fee may be doubled after the order is placed. This is because the website cannot add the additional fee at this time. For example 10 refrigerators is subject to a delivery fee times 10 but a washer and dryer would only get one fee unless ordered two washer & dryer sets. Any extra services like moving the old appliance, upstairs delivery or some special connect or disconnect services can be an additional fee especially on short term rentals. We can explain these fees in advance. Note: on short term rentals large refrigerators 23 cubic & up are expected to go in the garage unless willing to pay an additional in home fee.
Normal delivery day agenda listed below. Off day delivery available at an extra fee, website adjusts rate upon order.
Note: Sunday is held for new business only, no rental returns or service or exchanges on that day.
1. North County 7 days a week.
2. San Diego and Ramona- Sunday’s Tuesday’s and Friday’s.
3. Fallbrook, Temecula and Murrieta- Monday’s and Thursday’s.
4. San Clemente- Tuesday’s and Friday’s.
~~Please note that our contract does have a pickup fee that matches the delivery fee and will be charged at time of return for 3 month or longer contracts. Off day fee not included unless pickup is required on an off day too. Pickup fees for short term rentals are due at time of delivery.
     Our office is open 7 days a week. All in all we hope you will find E-Z Rental to be just that E-Z and affordable.
We thank you for your business!