Terms & Conditions E-Z Rental.biz

Rental or Rent-to-Own of an appliance always includes free service as long as it is the appliance that is at fault. Our contract states that if service is not due to malfunction of the appliance there will be a $29.95 service fee. We service North County Monday through Saturday and San Diego mostly on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Sunday's are for new business only not rental returns or service. We service Temecula and Murrieta on Mondays and Thursdays. We offer an off day delivery fee to Valley Center, San Diego, Ramona and Fallbrook. You can perform a delivery estimate when placing your order and choose a day to get delivery rates. We give you the right to refuse service at the time of delivery for a full refund of any rent or delivery service that has not already been performed. We have many almost new, just out-of-the-box items and some lightly used products. We have specialty items such as high end refrigerators, stainless steel, and front load washers & dryers on the stand for you to shop for. We do not do a credit check at all unless we feel we need to and you will be notified in advance if that was important to us. Some high end items will require credit card pay option only. We do require information like SS# and DL# and date of birth on most rentals so that we have the ability to put your balance against your credit if the terms of the contract are not met, i.e. returning of the appliance(s) to us or paying your final balance. We have a low monthly rent so our contract states that the customer takes full responsibility for any food loss or water damage. We service or exchange almost immediately if there is a problem with the appliance. There can be extra charges that come up at the time of delivery like stairs, door removals, appliance removals or parts that are needed. We supply parts free on rentals but on rent-to-own orders we charge for parts if they are needed since you will keep them when the rent-to-own is completed. Our contract does have a delivery fee and a pickup fee that normally matches the rate of the delivery fee. The price a customer pays on a 2 year rent-to-own is equal to 24 times the monthly amount. For example, if you are doing a RTO for an appliance at $10 per month your total payments will equal $240 at the end of the two years. Rent-to-Own includes the product, financing and free service for a monthly amount for two years. If you see a retail price on ApplianceRecycler.com or on our showroom floor for an item the rent-to-own rate usually equals a little above twice the retail purchase amount. This is because we only give a 90 day warranty on our sales items and a two year warranty on our rent-to-own same items. You can always purchase an extended warranty on anything we sell, just ask for one. We have been renting appliances since 1997 and love serving our military folks. Thanks for your service to our country. If you don't have a coupon please ask how you can get one. (Military only)--If you enter coupon code (872) (Equals USA if you look at your phone) you will get the 1st month's rent free (ONLY APPLIES TO 6 MONTH OR GREATER RENTAL-NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY PLEASE). We always enjoy the customers input on how they feel about how we conduct business so please feel free to let us know how we are doing and we will either try to improve or continue with the quality you have experienced.

Thank you so much for your interest in E-Z Rental.biz appliance rentals & sales!

All Rates have been set for residential use only; separate commercial rates would apply!